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Tempus Fugit

The way events fall in life is baffling. I’m coming to terms with the timing of things. The timing of things and the fairness of things and how neither one really matter at… Continue reading

Change Your Fate

WARNING: There could be spoilers in here. I don’t give away key plot points, but do allude to elements that some may consider “spoilers”. Read at your own risk. I saw Brave on Thursday.… Continue reading

What Brings Us Together

My parents and I are anniversary twins. Today is my parents’ 33 anniversary. It is also my first anniversary. I guess I have some catching up to do. I considered making this some sentimental… Continue reading

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Sometimes I wish my life was more like an episode of 7th Heaven. That way everyone in my life would be dealing with the same problem at the same time and we would all… Continue reading

Slow Down, You Crazy Child

Life is becoming routine. That makes everything easier. It is stupid things like knowing where to find the grocery store, or what day is trash day. Life really feels like it is starting to… Continue reading