Here are pictures of Matt’s gross leg. You weirdos. Seriously. If you don’t want blood, go no further.   You are sick, sick people. So stop asking me for gross pictures. Also, stop… Continue reading

We Get Up

For those of you who are squeamish, there is no gore in this entry. I made a separate entry with the pictures of the wound for those who are interested. That is found… Continue reading

Toilet Paper

I bought a 24 pack of one ply toilet paper at the beginning of October and we just finished the last roll. I don’t tell you this to be weird, though it (kinda)… Continue reading

27,000 (Metaphorical) Words

Around Thanksgiving I told myself I was not allowed to post anything until after I sent out all of my Christmas cards. Every year, I notoriously finish drawing my annual letter around Turkey… Continue reading

Friend Dating

Making friends in Los Angeles is a bit like guerrilla warfare. I am on month ten here in the city of angels, and I have found that the subtlety of the mid-west does not work… Continue reading

Love, Me

I saw Silver Linings Playbook and it is just one big awkward screaming match, but that is okay. Don’t worry about spoilers. You won’t find any here. I will just say that this movie deals… Continue reading

Freshman Flashback

I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower a few weeks ago. It made me miss high school (which, for me, is a big deal). Universally, I do not miss high school. Even sepia toned and… Continue reading

Tempus Fugit

The way events fall in life is baffling. I’m coming to terms with the timing of things. The timing of things and the fairness of things and how neither one really matter at… Continue reading

Give Them Everything

Warning: There may be spoilers here for The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, and Batman Begins (depending on your preferred level of movie purity) .  Also: my most sincere thoughts and prayers… Continue reading

Just Dying To Be Here

I’m closer to thirty than twenty, now. Mathematically I was closer to thirty last year, too, but at twenty six I can’t fake it anymore. Birthdays are weird and I feel weird celebrating… Continue reading