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Nobody Said It Was Easy

Sometimes I wish my life was more like an episode of 7th Heaven. That way everyone in my life would be dealing with the same problem at the same timeĀ and we would all… Continue reading

The Avenger’s Initiative

I double accidentally met Samuel L Jackson. The double not because I met him twice, but because it involved two accidents. Remember those occasional perks that pop up in my job? One of… Continue reading

16 Going on 25

I was sixteen. I couldn’t drive without an adult. There was a boy on whom I was “crunching” (a hip word my “chassies” and I used so we could be SO original) and… Continue reading

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Being a kid is complicated. Sure, it isn’t complicated in the way being CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation is, but it is still a dance and I think grown-ups forget that. When… Continue reading