I’m mostly convinced there is a serial killer in my apartment complex. DON’T WORRY! I’LL EXPLAIN! Last week I heard a scream in my apartment complex’s atrium at midnight. It wasn’t a’oh-my-friend-declared-a-surprise-tickle-fight’ scream.… Continue reading

My Birthday Present to America – VIDEO


I lost my job on Friday. It was kind of unexpected. I went home, sat on the couch, and threw our sherpa over my head. It comforted me. I was not surprised that… Continue reading

Change Your Fate

WARNING: There could be spoilers in here. I don’t give away key plot points, but do allude to elements that some may consider “spoilers”. Read at your own risk. I saw Brave on Thursday.… Continue reading

Running Just Sucks – VIDEO


4 Months

It is nearly my four month-iversary of arriving in Los Angeles. It’s not really a big deal. Four months is such a strange, small amount of time. I have, however, experienced a great… Continue reading

What Brings Us Together

My parents and I are anniversary twins. Today is my parents’ 33 anniversary. It is also my first anniversary. I guess I have some catching up to do. I considered making this some sentimental… Continue reading

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Sometimes I wish my life was more like an episode of 7th Heaven. That way everyone in my life would be dealing with the same problem at the same time and we would all… Continue reading

The Avenger’s Initiative

I double accidentally met Samuel L Jackson. The double not because I met him twice, but because it involved two accidents. Remember those occasional perks that pop up in my job? One of… Continue reading

People Need To Be Nicer – VIDEO

Mean people suck.