My Universal Graduation Card

It’s graduation season. In a weird way I find that encouraging. Sure, I find vague annoyance at the overwhelming amount of finals/school ending/i haz a diploma now status updates, but mostly I feel… Continue reading

Shake It Up, Settle Down

Matt went back to Kansas City last weekend without me. It was the first time it hit me that I don’t live there anymore. He was in houses I know, with people I… Continue reading

A Note on Pregnancy and the Internet – VIDEO

Slow Down, You Crazy Child

Life is becoming routine. That makes everything easier. It is stupid things like knowing where to find the grocery┬ástore, or what day is trash day. Life really feels like it is starting to… Continue reading

16 Going on 25

I was sixteen. I couldn’t drive without an adult. There was a boy on whom I was “crunching” (a hip word my “chassies” and I used so we could be SO original) and… Continue reading

Make People Believe You Are From LA

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Being a kid is complicated. Sure, it isn’t complicated in the way being CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation is, but it is still a dance and I think grown-ups forget that. When… Continue reading

How I Spent My Unemployment – VIDEO!

Hey everyone! Here is my latest super exciting video update about my life in LA! Share and enjoy!

Friday the 13th

Today I saw a car crash. No. I didn’t take pictures. It would have ruined my manicure. Let me back up in a metaphorical, non-geographical sense. My job has downsides (I work long… Continue reading

Cut Me. I Bleed Wheat.

In the months of June 2011 through December 2011, I literally drove the distance from the east coast to the west coast. Twice. That is roughly 5,600 miles according to google maps. America… Continue reading