Shake It Up, Settle Down

Matt went back to Kansas City last weekend without me.

It was the first time it hit me that I don’t live there anymore.

Blue and I had a crazy girl’s weekend! Many naps were involved.

He was in houses I know, with people I love, in a city that held me most of my life, but I was not there. I was here. In La. Working. Because I have a job. Because I live here. Not there. Here. It is a very strange feeling.

I won’t call it “homesickness”, because it isn’t that. I might call it “home-is-just-a-place-but-you-stupid-people-I-care-about-should-live-closer-ness”, because that feels more like the truth. I love Kansas City. I love the fountains, the Plaza lights at Christmas, the Bar-B-Que (cause let’s face it – it sucks everywhere else), but LA has its perks.

Billy Crystal is sitting in the blue circle. Thanks, binoculars.

For example: I went to my first NBA game last Saturday. Kansas City seriously lacks any professional basketball team and I seriously lack any interest in professional sports. Those two forces combined rendered a perfect storm equation that allowed me always have an excuse not to go to a game ever. LA, however, has not only one but TWO(!) basketball teams (and it feels a lot like JV and Varsity) and my employers have season tickets to both. This means that when the family goes, I go. After one game – I am far from a convert from a could-care-lesser to a rah rah girl, but I got a t-shirt. So, I feel pretty good about where this is going.

I see a long term relationship forming.

This is Poquito – the speeeeedy bandito.

I am also meeting people. I met a girl named Kate through a mutual friend. I let her dog sleep at my apartment Saturday night. I foresee a dachshund in my future (I love dogs that double as footstools) but first I need to learn how to spell it. Priorities, people. I have them.

Matt got cast in his first thing, too, which is pretty exciting for us. We are hoping that everything goes through and that he gets some good stuff for his reel. I typed that last word and felt pretentious because it is so insider-term-y. Then I realized I’m probably just starting to fit into my LA-sized-big-girl-look-at-me-know-something-about-the-entertainment-business pants. Hello, World! Imma blow you up with my knowledge (least powerful bomb ever)!

Sometimes when I am blogging I feel like I am writing a boring letter home. That is when I know it is time for me to stop writing.